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Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

, Thailand
Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center
Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center
185/3 Wualai Rd, T.Haiya, Muang District

, Thailand
Tel: +6653202993-5
Fax: +6653274094
Three-hours experience of the exotic Khantoke dinner, stage performances and hill-tribes shows known as Lanna Thai, the region of elegance.

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The Cultural Center is an interesting complex with hill-tribe craft making displays, shops, and a Lanna Folk Museum (open Fri to Wed 10am to 4pm). After a six-course meal (Muslim or vegetarian food can be requested in advance), guests can walk through the grounds and see examples of traditional hill-tribe housing. Hill-tribe vendors in costume sell their wares until everyone is seated at the nearby amphitheater. An emcee announces that performers are "genuine and are not city people dressed up as hill-tribe people." Their shy, awkward, dispirited rendition of simple folk dances will probably convince you this is true. The nearby Traditional Hospital herbal massage center--see "Attractions: Thai Traditional Massage," earlier in this chapter)--may be just the thing before a khantoke meal and dance performance.


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