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Holistic Medical Center

Abra, Thailand
Holistic Medical Center
Holistic Medical Center
253 Asoke Buildingg, 20 Fl., Sukhumvit 21 Road, Klongoey-Nua, Wattana

Abra, Thailand
Tel: +6626408090
Holistic Medical Center, the prevention and treatment of Holistic Medicine.

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Holistic Medical Centre is a dedicated centre of excellence in South East Asia for alternative medicine and holistic healing. The premise of our philosophy is that nature's way of dealing with illnesses and diseases are often better in terms of effectiveness than invasive methods of surgery and pain management.

Holistic medicine or alternative medicine is about understanding the causes of these diseases and addressing the re-balance of our body internal systems so that our immune system can remain strong. When our immune system is strengthened, we can ward off pathogens and eliminate toxins in our body effectively. Thus, our efforts go beyond relieving a symptom as we believe that treating a symptom without understanding the cause will not result in a definitive cure.


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